Changing Stories, is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company, that provides creative and educational projects, classes, courses, performances and events, which use the creation of story as a tool of self-realisation for the disadvantaged.

The company has been formed by experienced, professional writers who have personally experienced the power of story to transform their own lives.

All of us tell stories about ourselves; about the experiences that have shaped us, about the people in our lives, about our successes and about the trials and tribulations that have tested us. These defining stories we tell about ourselves help make sense of our lives, justify our actions and give our relationships meaning.

Using the techniques of story telling to explore, understand and reimagine our life-problems can transform our sense of self, change our relationship with others and provide us with a more positive vision of our future.

Changing Stories currently has two programmes running Rewriting Your Script and Telling A Different Story but we are constantly developing new ways of using story to help the disadvantaged, so please contact us if you think we might be able to contribute to a project you are running.

Rewriting Your Script

Rewriting Your Script is a transformative and therapeutic, creative writing programme aimed at those suffering from low levels of mental wellbeing.

This programme is always run in partnership with a mental health service provider such as Mind and local NHS Mental Health Resource Teams but we also partner with library services and other service providers.

The programme has achieved amazing results with 93% of participants undergoing a statistically significant positive change in their mental wellbeing with 14% rising from Low mental wellbeing to high mental wellbeing and 60% being lifted from low mental wellbeing to moderate mental wellbeing.

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Telling A Different Story

Telling a Different Story Is a creative writing programme aimed at individuals belonging to minority groups in the contemporary UK. The underpinning principles of the programme are tolerance, understanding and mutual respectIt is a skills programme offering taught classes in writing fiction and script writing. It is a vehicle for individuals to organise and express their experiences as members of minority communities. It helps create a community of diversity that encourages empathetic understanding between individuals and across different group boundaries.

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Hearts & Minds: telling stories that matter

Hearts & Minds:

Everyone is a writer. Everyone has a story to tell. Some are written in books and some are confined to hearts.”

Savi Sharma

Changing Stories CIC. Company No:10609519